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Bozeman Charity Celebrates First Contact Day With Fundraiser

Reach Inc.’s anniversary coincides with both the date and location of Cochrane’s historic warp flight

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It’s not quite as old as Star Trek itself, but a charity which helps adults with developmental disabilities lead independent lives, will celebrate its 42nd anniversary on April 4. And it will do it in a way Zefram Cochrane himself would be proud.

Reach Inc., which currently works with more than 110 adults in its program, will raise money this week by celebrating the Vulcans first contact with humans. That event, if you remember from 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact,” took place on April 5, 2063, in Bozeman, Montana — the very place Reach also is based.

Merging the fundraiser with Star Trek made total sense, community relations and development director Dee Metrick told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Plus, “one of the themes of Star Trek is an optimistic view of the future,” she added. “That connects to Reach Inc.’s view.”

The idea of tapping into Trek came from Metrick’s Trekkie brother-in-law, James Peach. He was a fan of “First Contact,” which used Bozeman as Cochrane’s base in part because it was the hometown of film co-writer Brannon Braga.

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