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Mignogna: ‘Continues’ Fan Series Leads By Example

Latest crowdfunding campaign will produce three episodes, and a lot of joy

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As CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures move forward on a copyright infringement lawsuit against one fan-film production, other amateur Star Trek producers are keeping one eye toward the courtroom, and another on their latest project.

And that’s no different for “Star Trek Continues” executive producer and star Vic Mignogna.

When we say “amateur,” of course, we don’t mean anything about the people involved or the quality of the work. But the best way these fan-film productions have stayed out of the crosshairs of CBS and Paramount are to keep those productions as non-professional as possible. As Mignogna repeats time and time again, at the end of the day, the fans don’t own Star Trek: CBS and Paramount do.

“If CBS were to write me tomorrow and say, ‘OK, you know what? We are changing our stance on fan productions. You need to stop now,'” Mignogna told 1701News. “My public response would be to say the following: ‘Star Trek Continues’ is so very grateful to CBS for the privilege to have spent the last few years paying tribute to the show that we all love. And at their request, we will not be making any more. But I want to thank them for the opportunity to have done so in the first place.”

Luckily for “Continues” and other fan productions, such a directive has not come down from the studios. And while Mignogna won’t comment directly on what’s happening with the sued production, “Star Trek: Axanar,” he has no qualms talking about what makes “Continues” different — and why he isn’t fighting for his hobby in a federal court.

“There is no fighting it,” Mignogna said. “It is their property. People who think they have some kind of divine right to Star Trek are deluding themselves. Star Trek belongs to CBS and Paramount, and we don’t have the right to do anything with it without their permission.”

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