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Controversial ‘Voyager’ Actress Picks Trump Over Cruz

Amy Lindsay appeared in pulled political ad once her past resume was revealed

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Although her actual screen time in the series finale of “Star Trek: Voyager” was brief, Amy Lindsay sure knows how to pull Star Trek into the hotly contested presidential race.

Lindsay made headlines last month when she appeared in an ad approved by Republican Ted Cruz which, among other things, attacked one of his primary campaign opponents, Marco Rubio. When word of her past resume outside of Star Trek surfaced — in softcore productions like “Kinky Sex Club” and “Radio Erotica” — Cruz’s campaign pulled the ad.

With newfound attention, Lindsay appeared on CNN with Jake Tapper to share that she was indeed a Republican, and was actually fluctuating between Cruz and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. She said as soon as she made up her mind, she would return to Tapper’s show and reveal her decision.

Lindsay did just that Monday when she returned to Tapper’s show and announced she was backing Trump.

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