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Some Trek Names You Don’t Want To Miss At Oscars

Want another reason to watch Sunday? How about these familiar nominees …

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Believe it or not, over the years, Star Trek films have been nominated for 15 Academy Awards, beginning with three nominations in 1980 for “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”

Sadly, however, only one Star Trek film ever got its name emblazoned on one of those golden Oscars. That doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the Hollywood back-patting Sunday night hosted by Chris Rock. In fact, we’re going to give you a little cheat sheet, so that whenever one of these people pop up on screen, you can confidently tell your family, “Hey, that person has a Star Trek connection!

We don’t seem to know the order the awards will be presented quite yet, so we’ll just use the format from last year’s ceremony. And if it’s not the same, you can always adjust!

Oh, and if you’re curious to which of the Star Trek films won an Oscar, read to the end of the story …

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