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Trek Actress Forces Presidential Candidate To Pull Ad

It’s not because she appeared in ‘Voyager,’ but instead because she does soft porn

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Sometimes running a name through the Internet Movie Database can really save some headaches in the future.

That’s probably something Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has now realized after his campaign was forced to remove an advertisement for Cruz after it was discovered Amy Lindsay was among the actors featured.

Lindsay, who had a bit role in the series finale of “Star Trek: Voyager” as Lana, the wife of Robert Picardo’s Doctor in the alternate future, was one of several actors who expressed concern about campaign policies of Marco Rubio, another Republican contender in the American presidential race.

Although there’s nothing wrong with Lindsay appearing in “Voyager,” what seemed to really get the Cruz campaign in hot water was the fact that Lindsay is likely best known for her regular work in a string of softcore porn movies, like “Kinky Sex Club” and “Radio Erotica.”

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