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Samurai Jack returns in 2016

Gotta get back, back to the past… Samurai Jack (watch out!)

samuraijack Series

Beginning in 2016 Adult Swim will be bringing back the cult/geek Cartoon Network series about an out of time samurai fighting a perennial evil in a strange and bizarre future wasteland.

Originally broadcast at the start of last decade, 2001, the series was abruptly canceled following the end of it’s fourth season in 2004. The cancellation leading to a number of unresolved plot threads and a sense of unresolved story telling by series creator Genndy Tartakovsky. Who over the years has made no secret of a desire on his part to continue the series, even as he’s continued to find successs with other works.

Tartakovsky, probably best known by many for his other hit Cartoon Network series Dexter’s Lab, The Powerpuff Girls and the (animated) Star War’s the Clones War’s has recently been on something of a career upswing. Landing roles as the director of the first two ‘Hotel Transylvania’ movies and some early work on the soon to be released ‘Popeye’
(which Tartakovsky left earlier this year) from Sony Entertainment.

Despite this Turner Broadcasting ( parent of Adult Swim and Cartoon Network ) has announced his return as creator and executive producer of the latest  season.  Unclear at this time is which, if any, voice actors might return for characters might be brought back.

The series originally starred Phil Lamarr as the voice of titular character “Jack”.  A quiet contemplative man wielding a mystical katana, destined to save the world from the great evil wizard Aku. In what he thought would be the final battle, but really was just the first episode, Jack is tricked by Aku and sent hundreds (possibly thousands) of years into the far future. To a time when Aku has conquered the world, ruling man, beast and extra terrestrial creatures with absolute power . Setting out to complete his destiny Jack finds an eclectic menagerie of odd ball heroes, menacing villains and every day people trying to make in a dystopian world of Aku’s design.

Phil Lamar is no stranger to genre story telling and to it’s fans. Perhaps best known as the voice of Hermes Conrad on Futurama, he has a prolyfic roster of voice acting roles to acompany him.

Sadly, the series will not be able to leverage it’s other key voice actor. Likely leading to recasting the role of Jack’s great nemesis Aku. Who was originally voiced by the equally prolific actor Mako. Who passed away in 2006.

What ever the outcome, fans can look forward to a new season of the award winning series some time next year. In the mean while the folks at Cartoon Network Studios in Los Angeles, California will be hard at work on the new series.

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