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‘Warehouse 13’ Showrunner Returns For ‘Weaveworld’ Adaptation

Jack Kenny will help develop series based on Clive Barker novel

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Jack Kenny is back, and he soon could be coming to a CW channel near you with the help of Clive Barker.

The former “Warehouse 13” showrunner is doing something many other producers have shied away from, adapting Barker’s 1987 novel “Weaveworld” into a television series.

The book is set in England, where two people come together to accidentally discover a woven carpet that contains the secrets to a parallel world known as The Fugue. It’s part of an overall battle between fantasy races, including a nasty bad guy known as The Scourge that no one can describe — since no one has ever survived an encounter with it.

The CW series, however, will have some changes, according to Deadline. This time, it’s a smartphone app designer teaming up with a pastry chef after discovering one of them is meant to become the guardian of a mythological realm access through a portal in a mansion. The two will then be tossed into an ongoing war in this new world, where different forces are vying for control.

This isn’t the first time “Weaveworld” was proposed for television. Cable channel Showtime has had the television rights since the 1990s, rights that are now controlled by the channel’s parent, CBS Television. Over the years, Barker has teased a potential miniseries, and even had a writer attached at various points.

But to budget the special effects needed for such a series in the past was problematic — until more recently, when television special effects became far more elaborate (and far less expensive).

Deadline didn’t reveal a timeline for the series, but it’s likely a pilot could be produced for a potential pickup next fall.

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