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‘Galaxy Quest’ Returns … This Time On Small Screen

Original writer, director return, but original cast unlikely

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For further proof there seems to be no new ideas, not only are television shows becoming movies, but movies are starting to become television shows.

“Minority Report” already is coming to Fox this fall, while CBS is preparing shows based on the films “Limitless” and “Rush Hour.” But now, Amazon is preparing to resurrect a popular science-fiction spoof — the 1999 film “Galaxy Quest.”

The series, which is being developed by the film’s co-writer Robert Gordon, through the directing expertise of Dean Parisot, who also directed the film. But that’s probably where the familiar names will end. It’s highly unlikely the new show will include some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver or even Sam Rockwell, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“Galaxy Quest” centers on a Star Trek-like 1980s television series that aliens mistaken for historical records of Earth. The aliens create a real version of the spaceship Allen and his crew travel on, right down to all the funny writing inconsistencies normally found in a television series.

The film earned $71.4 million domestically in 1999, well ahead of its $45 million budget.

How that will translate into an actual television series is not known, although it likely will be a reboot.

Paramount Television will lead the production side, where the series will likely end up on the Amazon streaming entertainment channel — a major competitor to Netflix and Hulu.

No timeline was released on when the show would go into production or premiere, but it could likely be ready to go by late 2016.


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