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‘Wytches’ Film Adaptation In Development

New Regency acquires film rights to anticipated comic book

New Regency has acquired the feature film rights to “Wytches” — the brand new supernatural comic book by Scott Snyder and Jock — with Brad Pitt’s Plan B set to produce.

“Wytches” is a supernatural story that, as suggested by the title, re-imagines the traditional idea of “witches” into something much darker and scarier. The comic book made its debut at New York Comic-Con this past weekend and marks the second collaboration between writer Snyder and artist Jock, who previously worked together on the “Detective Comics” Batman story-arc “The Black Mirror.”

The story of “Wytches” follows Charles Rooks, a loving father who moves his family to a neighboring town in an attempt to help their teenage daughter Sailor recover from a disturbing run-in with a bully. She remains haunted by the traumatic incident, unsure of what actually occurred in the woods and unable to escape a darkness growing around her.

When Sailor begins to see familiar shadowed figures, Charles must help his daughter survive a terrifyingly real and mythic presence rooted within the woods and the surrounding local towns.

Snyder made his name writing for “Detective Comics” and “Batman,” and has recently worked on “Swamp Thing” and “Superman Unchained” for DC Comics. He has also written acclaimed indie titles like “The Wake,” “Severed” and “American Vampire.”

Jock, meanwhile, is known for illustrating “Judge Dredd,” “The Losers” and “Green Arrow: Year One,” along with posters, comic book covers and film concept art.

No word on a writer, director or cast yet, but Snyder and Jock will serve as executive producers on the project.

“Wytches” issue No. 1 is available in comic book stores now.

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